The world of heavyweight boxing seems to be something of a mess, at present. 

Anthony Joshua is heading to the United States to fight the 12th best heavyweight in the world, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder failed to organise a rematch, and, as usual, the fans are left out in the cold without the fights they want to see. 

AJ promoter and Matchroom Sport kingpin Eddie Hearn has surveyed the landscape, with particular reference to the failure to arrange a bout with Wilder. 

Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images Sport

Speaking to Fight Hype, Hearn said: 

I hope now the boxing boys that have given Anthony Joshua a lot of stick over the years, surely when you hear an interview like that you say to Shelly, ‘Hold on we’ve been backing Wilder saying he wants the Joshua fight, he wants to be undisputed.’

Here is a guy that has said for years and years, ‘One face, one name, one champion. All I want is one heavyweight world champion.’

And you let a guy come out and say, ‘Nah we’ve got plans, we’ll talk about that in a year’s time.’ A year’s time?! I can’t understand.

If you’re Deontay Wilder, why would you not fight Anthony Joshua for double or treble the money you’re making anywhere else? It’s there for him. Why’s this happening?

Asked when he thought we might finally see Joshua step onto the canvas to face off against the Alabaman, Hearn could only offer a dim outlook. 

We’re not just talking about 2020, we might be talking about 2021 when Wilder’s available. It’s bulls**t for the sport of boxing, it really is.