Floyd Mayweather Jr secured a spectacular victory over kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo, as reported on The Mirror

The American knocked down his opponent three times within the first round, before the Japanese international’s corner threw in the towel, leaving him in tears.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Sport

The exhibition fight was agreed to be contested over three, three-minute rounds under boxing rules. 

Both Mayweather and Nasukawa wore eight-ounce Rizin gloves and the result of the fight does not go on either fighter’s boxing or MMA records.

Mayweather was in a relaxed mood and even after the first bell, the 41-year-old was smiling. 

Nasukawa made came out swinging and got sent down to the canvas. He managed to get back on his feet but Mayweather was in no mood to allow him to recover, sending him straight back down with a huge right punch. 

The Japanese managed to survive the count but he was down for the third time in quick succession, resulting in his corner throwing in the towel. 

An electrifying victory for Mayweather who showed that at the age of 41, he has still got the power, ability and winning mentality to be successful.