After Tony Bellew’s remarkable KO victory over David Haye earlier this month, the Liverpudlian has been quick to target a new opponent – Tyson Fury.

Bellew was quoted saying:

I’d love Tyson Fury.

I’d love to knock Tyson Fury out. I know people think I’m crazy, but I know I can do it.

Many in the boxing community believe this is a fantasy fight, one which is talked about but will never materialise. It’s hard to believe it will ever happen, especially when considering Bellew is at best a light heavyweight (fighting at cruiserweight for the majority of his career).

When put into perspective, Fury’s last fight weigh in saw him at a staggering 17st 8lbs, standing 6ft 9in. This highlights the physical mismatch between the pair.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport

However, Bellew’s promoter Eddie Hearn believes not only that he can make the fight happen but that the 35-year-old can back up the talk and defeat the former lineal world champion. The Matchroom Sport boxing kingpin had this to say:

He is very good, but if Bellew boxed Fury now, he’d beat him.

Speaking to however, Fury chillingly hit back:

I don’t want to fight Tony Bellew.

Reason being, he’s a family man and he’s got a wife and kids. I want him to stay healthy and stay boxing and earn a few quid and go home easy to his family.

But if he steps in the ring with the Gypsy King and I unleash hellfire on him, he’s only a small man and I could damage and hurt him properly.

You ain’t messing with a David Haye who’s 20 years out of date. You’re messing with someone 6ft 9in, 19st, in the prime of me life who can knock a wall down – one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight boxing, but they don’t know it.

If I go in there and hurt him, what good is that? How does that make me feel, knowing he shouldn’t even be in the ring anyway?

Christopher Lee/Getty Images Sport

And all this ‘he could knock me out’, please. I could let Tony Bellew hit me right here (points to chin) and he wouldn’t hurt me.

Poor old Tony, it’d be like a feather duster, dusting me up and down.

He doesn’t want no part of this, trust me on that.

We await Bellew’s response.