Tyson Fury has offered his opinions on the other members of the heavyweight division that he ruled as recently as 2015.

The former lineal world champion announced his comeback on Thursday, and will fight an as yet unannounced opponent on June 9 at the Manchester Arena.

Mark Robinson/Getty Images Sport

Although the 29-year-old won’t be able to step straight back into the ring in a position to win back his old belts, Fury is under no illusion as to the standard of these heavyweights:

There are few people out there claiming to be the world’s best, but I know for a fact they are not,

Given the right amount of fights, then I don’t believe these guys are going to be much of a match-up for me.

Referring to Anthony Joshua specifically, Fury didn’t think much of the WBA, IBF, and WBO champion:

He is a big old dosser – he is a belt carrier for me. By the time I get ready to fight, it is going to be an easy fight, no contest.

He is looking for one punch all night. We all saw the Parker affair – anybody who can move a bit and throw a few feints, he struggles, he can’t land on.

So if he wants to land any punches on me – here’s the tip – get a handful of rice and throw it at me .. that is the only way he is going to land anything on me, apart from that – no chance.

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The fight plan would be a simple one for Fury, as well:

I will out box him for a few rounds and then I will knock him out.

When and if Fury gets a shot at Anthony Joshua remains to be seen. but if he does, it poses to be one of the biggest British domestic fights in the sport’s history.