Tyson Fury has issued a challenge to Tony Bellew after his rematch with David Haye was postponed after Haye suffered an injury.

Haye had to pull out of the fight after injuring his bicep after what he called a “freak accident”. He explained that whilst completing a stair conditioning session, he slipped and instinctively grabbed the bannister to stop himself falling down the stairs and he injured his arm in the process.

Rather than be cancelled, the fight has been postponed but that did not stop Fury challenging him to a fight in May.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport

Fury released a video on his official Instagram account in which he said:

I just heard that David Haye has pulled out against Tony. I’ll be ready, willing and waiting to fight Tony Bellew, May 5th, O2 Arena, London.

Like I said before Tony, you want to fight a real man, you want to fight the best heavyweight in the world, the heavyweight that beat everybody else, the heavyweight that never lost a fight, the real heavyweight champion of the world. I’m ready and waiting. Be no contest, one uppercut, ceiling job. If you think you can do any different, prove it wrong.

Fury still has not officially been cleared to box following a doping investigation and as it stands, he does not have a licence but he is training as he looks to make his comeback to the ring.