Floyd Mayweather reached 50-0 after beating Conor McGregor through a stoppage last night (26/08/2017) in Las Vegas.

During the opening three rounds, McGregor gave a good account of himself in boxing terms.

The Irishman did what he needed to do if he had any chance of beating Mayweather and that was by landing a flurry of punches on his opponent.

McGregor landed a left uppercut in the first and then posed with his hands behind his back, clearly his swagger and confidence had not left the boxing ring.

However, come the fourth round, Mayweather started to dominate.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Sport

It was clear McGregor was trying everything possible to beat Mayweather as he often slipped behind the American to then land blows on the back of his head.

Mayweather, who felt he needed to give the Las Vegas crowd a stoppage, started to throw loaded punches and the aggression between the two fighters went up a notch after he shoved McGregor’s chest at the end of the fifth.

Come the ninth round, McGregor started to look tired as it took him past the 25 minutes he would face in a UFC bout.

It was clear in the Irish fighter’s movement around the ring as he started to stumble and Mayweather was trying to pick him off in round nine with a left hand.

Once the tenth round got underway Mayweather unloaded on McGregor as he had him up against the ropes which forced referee Robert Byrd to step in and wave off the fight.

Will McGregor return to the ring following his debut defeat? It hasn’t been ruled out just yet.

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Speaking after the fight, Mayweather was impressed with McGregor’s boxing ability, but, knew the fight would not go the distance.

He was a lot better than I thought. But I was the better man. I guaranteed everybody this would not go the distance. Boxing’s reputation was on the line.

McGregor admitted that he was feeling tired when he spoke after the fight, but, he did not rule out a return to UFC.

I thought it was close and I thought it was a bit of an early stoppage. I was just a little fatigued.

Following the fight, Mayweather confirmed his retirement from boxing, however, this fight did show it is possible for MMA fighters to make transition to boxing.