On Saturday evening (04/03/2017), the talking will come to an end and we will finally see the much-anticipated clash between David Haye and Tony Bellew at the O2 Arena in London.

The build-up to the fight has been action packed and one which David Haye has not come out of as the better man in terms of conduct in press conferences.

First came the thrown punch when the fight was first announced last year and during the Liverpool press conference last Monday (27/02/2017), he labelled the people of Liverpool as ‘retards’.

In terms of the mind games, it looks like Bellew has Haye rattled, but, will the WBC cruiserweight champion be able to rattle the Hayemaker in the ring?


Bellew is the clear underdog, stepping up to fight at heavyweight is no easy task and when it came to the weigh-in there was a clear difference in the two fighters physiques.

Haye as usual, was in great shape whilst Bellew was carrying a little bit of fat.

This is no surprise, however, as the Liverpudlian is not one to always be rocking a six-pack when it comes to fight week.

Ian Walton/Getty Images Sport

Bellew will have to watch out for Haye’s power when it comes to the fight as he often gets hit when in the ring and as always in heavyweight boxing, one punch can change the whole dynamic of the fight.

One thing Bellew does have over Haye, however, is time spent in the ring.

Haye’s two comeback fights have been easy pickings for the former world champion and the lack of time in the ring could be a factor.

Bellew will need to move Haye around the ring in order to get any breakthroughs during the fight and avoid Haye’s powerful strikes.

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The Hayemaker will simply just have to bombard Bellew with his punches.

It seems like an obvious tactic, but, Bellew is someone who under pressure, loses his defensive discipline will tumble to the canvas.

Against cruiserweight opponents, Bellew has got back onto his feet with ease, but, a heavyweight punch will cause a lot more damage and could affect Bellew’s future boxing career.

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Haye has weighed in almost a stone heavier than Tony Bellew at 16st 9oz and some fans have now become concerned for Bellew’s wellbeing after the fight.

Do not expect this fight to last the full 12 rounds, with there being a lot of animosity between both fighters, they will most likely let their hands go which should make up for an entertaining contest.