Tony Bellew upset the odds last night (04/03/2017) after beating David Haye in what was a dramatic fight at the O2 Arena in London.

The WBC cruiserweight champion was the dominant force during the fight after Haye suffered an achilles injury in the sixth round, effectively forcing him to fight on one leg.

Haye’s bravery continued to show as he continued to fight with a taped up ankle, but, it was clear he was having trouble standing up during the fight.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images Sport

The opening rounds showcased an impressive performance from Bellew. His cruiserweight roots were showing as his movement was quick and slick as he evaded many of Haye’s powerful punches.

Haye, however, was trying to assert control over the fight as he was forcing Bellew into each of the four corners of the ring in the hope of unloading on the Liverpudlian.

Then came the sixth round which was the turning point of the fight, both men went down, but, these looked like slips as they got up before the referee started counting. Haye for once looked tired and it was clear his lack of ring time since his comeback was taking its toll.

Bellew gained control of the fight, dictating the pace, throwing more punches and it was now the WBC cruiserweight champion who was moving his opponent around the ring.

Haye landed a low blow in the ninth which summed up how desperate he was for a breakthrough, but, the contest came to an end two rounds later when Bellew forced Haye to fall after bombarding him with punches, forcing the Hayemaker’s corner to throw in the towel

Dan Mullan/Getty Images Sport

Following the fight, both men embraced and showed some respect for each other after what had been a thrilling night of boxing. The respect however, undermined the build up which had a WWE feeling to it.

Haye stated he would like to face Bellew again in a rematch, but, respected Bellew’s confidence to try and knock him out.

I gave it my best and it wasn’t good enough. He was by far the better fighter tonight. He dug deep and took my best shots and put me down.

I would love to do it again, I have never been in a fight like that. If the fans want to see it again I would do it again. We’ll do it on his terms, in his town – he deserves it.

Bellew also showed his respect for Haye, saying that he was honoured to be in the ring with him whilst reflecting on his performance which he labelled as ‘terrible’.

In my eyes I’ve beaten the best cruiserweight this country has ever produced and one of the best heavyweights. I am honoured to fight in the same ring as him. I’ve looked up to him.

He made the same mistake everybody else does. He underestimated me. Watch me on tape and I’m terrible but in the ring I’m harder to hit than you think.